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Long Sleeve Yarn-Dyed Flannel Shirt

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Welcome to the next Generation of American Outdoorsman.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 2 Button-Through Bias-Cut Chest Pockets
  • Chambray Trim

Washing Flannel Tips

  1. Check the label prior to washing any flannel item.
  2. Please wash flannel using the cold water in gentle wash setting and rinse should be the same water temperature. (Do Not wash flannel in hot water)
  3. Flannel can be hung to dry or machine dry on low setting and remove promptly.
  4. Do not over-dry the item to keep the fabric in good condition and prevents shrinking.

We believe in a work hard, play hard lifestyle. And we expect everything from our gear to our apparel to perform at the highest level, so all of our products are backed by a guarantee against defects in manufacturing & workmanship.

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