About Us

Our History

Not long ago, America used to be known as the great unknown, unconquered territory. A vast expanse of unexplored land, it was a daunting challenge to any who wanted to uncover its secrets, or push the limits of the frontier. Enter the intrepid explorers known as the Outdoorsmen.

The outdoorsmen were the trailblazers, and the pioneers of the beautiful untamed American wilderness that would make up our country, and while there were those who sought to conquer the land, they also inspired a deep seated appreciation and respect for the great outdoors by many others.

With that in mind, The American Outdoorsman launched its television show in 1988, showcasing the country’s natural splendor to millions of viewers. That show continues to this day, not only promoting the conservation of our precious land, but also highlighting traditional outdoorsman activities like fishing, hunting, camping and hiking.

Our Mission

For nearly 30 years, The American Outdoorsman has been committed to protecting the environment and the habitats within, along with honoring traditions that help to foster a better tomorrow for future generations. With this in mind, we are proud to call the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership our ally in promoting these goals.

Inspired by the original American outdoorsman, Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP seeks to unite and amplify the voices of hunters and anglers around the country. In partnership with more than 50 organizations, American Outdoorsman is committed to educating sportsmen and policy makers on conservation priorities and to inspire action that benefits the wildlife, the environment and the future of our beautiful lands.


For more information, visit www.trcp.org.


Our Passion

The American Outdoorsman is for the explorers, the trail blazers, and for those that appreciate the natural beauty of the frontier. Designed to be functional, bold, and long lasting, our brand is committed to providing an exceptional experience for anyone with an intrepid soul, and the desire to roam our beautiful land.