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Pine Ridge Trail Hiking Shorts

Cement AlphaBlue Raven Bedrock

Welcome to the next Generation of American Outdoorsman.

The Pine Ridge Trail Hiking Shorts are the perfect gear for a strenuous hike, rock scramble or stroll around the park.  It has eight total pockets, including 4 zippered ones to keep all your gear secure, plus stretch nylon and durable canvas side pockets to stand up to any outdoor activity. 

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: At American Outdoorsman, we take pride in bringing you the highest-quality products made of the best materials possible. This premium cargo short is made of 100% nylon. These solid shorts are created to give you men’s outdoor fashion that will last.
  • COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: Our basic cargo shorts offer a great fit that will keep you dry and comfortable whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall. No longer do you need to deal with loose, heavy, baggy shorts that make you look sloppy and unpolished. These shorts will look like they were specifically made for your body. They come in 4 colors: alpha blue, bedrock, cement and raven.
  • USEFUL FEATURES: These shorts are great for casual weekend fishing trips because they provide UPF 50 sun protection. Because you’ll be near water, we made sure that our cargo shorts have quick-dry technology!
  • 8 POCKETS! To help you keep track of your valuables, our shorts have 8 handy pockets. Store your keys, pocket knife, wallet, important papers, and other items in your pockets for easy access. 
  • COOL AND UNIQUE: Features a Bottle Opener on the belt buckle to open beverages outdoors. Also includes Elastic Size Waste and 50 UPF Quick Dry

We believe in a work hard, play hard lifestyle. And we expect everything from our gear to our apparel to perform at the highest level, so all of our products are backed by a guarantee against defects in manufacturing & workmanship.

Alpha Blue
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