Fool-Proof Strategy: Selecting Hunting & Fishing Shirts

Fool-Proof Strategy: Selecting Hunting & Fishing Shirts | The American Outdoorsman

Considering all the options we have today, selecting the right hunting and fishing gear can feel overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we’ve summarized the fool-proof way to choose hunting and fishing shirts. You might not think that clothing is an essential part of hunting and fishing gear, but it certainly is. Picking the right hunting shirts is aligned with safety and the right fishing shirts with the sport itself. 

When you go hunting or fishing, there’s a lot to consider about comfort, safety, and how to maximize the sport. Choosing the right gear is essential, but it’s not just about the gun or pole. Hunting and fishing shirts are a necessary part of the process as well. But before making your selection, you must consider the following: outdoor conditions, type of sport, and personal preference.

Outdoor Conditions

Your environment determines a lot about what type of hunting or fishing shirt you should select. Consider the temperature, elements, and exposure level. You may need sturdier fabric or one with moisture-wicking and breathable benefits. The overall goal is to stay warm and dry, so consult outdoor conditions before making your decision.


If you’re hiking through tough terrain on a warm day, you’ll want hunting shirts with breathable material. But if you’re sitting for hours in a cold, damp climate, then you’ll need thicker fabrics and water-proofing. 


Fishing usually requires early mornings, so the temperature will likely fluctuate depending on the season. Fly fishing gear is different than traditional boat fishing, but both require fishing shirts with moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. 

Type of Hunting or Fishing

Now that you have an idea for the weather and outdoor conditions, it’s time to consider the type of hunting or fishing. The activity level of the sport itself can influence your choices. By examining the competition, you’ll set yourself up for success when selecting hunting and fishing gear.


Think about the kind of hunting and the required level of activity. The more you move, the warmer you’ll be. In this case, the best hunting gear is breathable layers. 

Consider if you need camouflage. When it comes to hunting shirts, camouflage is excellent for blending in with your surroundings. But if you’re hunting in certain conditions, you’ll want to wear orange to avoid accidents


The same goes for fishing gear. But with fishing shirts, you almost always want breathable fabrics with water-proofing. There’s a lot of exposure to fishing and a lot of water, so lightweight materials are best.

Personal Preference for Fishing and Hunting Gear

Once you’ve adjusted your selection to fit the outdoor conditions and type of activity, now it’s time to factor in personal preference. If you’re going to perform at your best while hunting and fishing, you need to feel comfortable. Try on a few options and make sure you can move freely and sit and stand comfortably. Your fishing and hunting shirts should fit you well and allow natural movement.