Hunter Safety - Staying Warm & Wearing Orange

Hunter Safety - Staying Warm & Wearing Orange | The American Outdoorsman

As we move into Summer, various hunting seasons open across the USA - getting more people into the woods at early hours. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably excited to be in nature during this crazy time. However, there’s one thing you might forget to think about.

While the days might be warm, the mornings and nights are still cold. Especially when you’re in the woods out of the sun, and up in trees. Staying warm - while staying safe - is vital to your health and having a good hunt. 

Hunting Shirts for Warm Weather

When it comes to staying warm in the cold weather, keeping your center - your heart and chest - warm should be your top priority. While summer days could have you wearing t-shirts, morning hunts still need heavier hunting shirts to keep you safe. 

Depending on your area, you might get away with a simple long-sleeve camo shirt. However, if you live further north, full camo fleeces or even fleeces layered with heavier button-downs might be what you need. 

Things to Think About When Staying Warm

When you look to pick out a shirt, think about the weather you’ll be facing. While it might be 50 degrees outside, you’ll be sitting still, perhaps in the wind. That means you’ll have a chill factor - which could be 20 degrees or more! This means dressing much warmer than you would have if you were walking around in the same weather. 

By the same note, if you won’t be sitting in a stand, but will be walking around, then you might need less clothing to stay warm. Perhaps many thin layers would be best. That would allow you to shed as you warm up walking on the hunt.

However, there’s one other thing you should think about when looking to stay warm. What colors you are wearing. Most hunting gear is camo - for obvious reasons. However, while camo helps you hide from prey, it can get you into trouble if there are other hunters in the woods. 

Wearing Orange

Every good hunter knows to wear orange when in the woods. However, the morning of a hunt, tired minds can forget. That’s why it’s important to have orange not just on the vest, but also on the camo that you’re wearing. 

Some jackets will have an orange stripe running down them for extra protection. Some will have reflective tape. Animals can’t see this, but hunters (or cars) with lights will. Jackets like these will keep you warm and safe at the same time.

If you want something less obvious, then think about an orange beanie to keep your head warm while staying safe. Many are reversible, so you could even flip it once you are sitting in your stand if that makes you more comfortable.

Overall Stay Safe

What’s important is that you are safe. This means that you’re warm and visible. Here at The American Outdoorsman, we care about your safety before, during, and after the hunt. That means staying warm when walking and sitting, and staying seen (by humans) when walking through the woods or down a train or road. 

From hunting to fishing, we have what you need. 

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