Looking for WPL# 12902?

Looking for WPL# 12902?

We think we might know why you're here...you have a piece of American Outdoorsman gear that you really love and are looking to purchase again for yourself or someone you know. Props to you on your investigative skills and checking out the tag to see if you can find a clue to help track it down. You definitely had the right idea, found the WPL number, and now you're here!

Many times a month, we see customers searching for WPL# 12902, so we thought we'd help our AO family find what they're looking for quicker.

The WPL (Wool Products Labelling) Number is an ID number issued by the Federal Trade Commission for wool textiles and garments—essentially, these numbers are used to identify the manufacturer, importer, or distributor.

What you're actually looking for is the style number, which generally shows on the smaller tag underneath (see highlighted box in the photo below).

While we can't promise we'll have that same piece of gear in-stock, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask! Send us an email at support@americanoutdoorsmangear.com or our contact page and we'd be happy to look into it for you.