The Best Summer Tees for Any Activity

The Best Summer Tees for Any Activity | The American Outdoorsman

It’s officially the first week of June, and with summer just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about gear for all the outdoor activities you love to enjoy. As you sort through your equipment, take some time to think about the proper outdoor clothing, you’ll need to stay comfortable, dry, and safe. When it comes to men’s outdoor clothing, especially the best summer tees for any outdoor activity, there’s a lot to consider.

The secret to prolonging your free time this summer is preparation. When you prepare, you can stay comfortable and safe for more extended periods. As you plan your activities, you’ll want to consider what summer clothing is best for each venture or sport. Let’s look at summer tees and find the best ones for popular outdoor activities.

Short-Sleeved Summer Tees

It’s summer, which means the temperatures are warmer and the sun is hot. Short-sleeved tees are a summer staple, but which ones should you consider for men’s outdoor clothing appropriate for your activity?


When fishing in warmer weather, short-sleeved summer tees are handy for a few reasons. First, they’re lightweight, which can keep you out longer. Long mornings under the sun require lightweight, breathable fabrics. These summer tees also have adequate pocket storage for any fishing gear you need handy. You can also wear this style of shirt for light hiking and camping. 


Men’s outdoor clothing usually has many options for short-sleeved summer tees that work with hunting trips. Short sleeves are best for hot weather only because you want to protect your skin as much as possible. Neutral colors and breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics are best. 

Camping & Hiking

When hiking in summer tees, you need loose, breathable fabrics that wick moisture off of the skin. These will keep you dry as you sweat, move, and sleep. Because both of these activities can have lulls, be sure to bring layers in case you need some warmth. 

Long-Sleeved Summer Tees

Some summer activities require long sleeves and layers. It’s imperative to consider weather reports and conditions as you prepare to enjoy the outdoors. 


Even though it’s summer, temperatures can fluctuate from cold to hot to warm, especially from morning to midday and back to the evening. When fishing, summer clothing depends a lot on weather conditions. If you start early in the morning, you may need a long-sleeved layer to start. With men’s outdoor clothing, you can find many options appropriate for fishing, including warmer, moisture-wicking fabrics like wool flannels


Outdoor clothing for hunting needs to protect the skin and body. It’s best to start with long sleeves and remove the layer if needed. If hunting requires a lot of sitting, bring warmer layers, especially in colder temperatures or conditions. If you’re walking through exposed brush, then loose and breathable fabrics are essential.

Camping & Hiking

Layers, layer, layers! As the sun sets and temperatures drop, you’ll need warm layers that insulate the body. Some of the best include wool flannels or insulated jackets (down or synthetic). Don’t forget waterproof or water-resistant fabrics if you’re camping in rainy conditions.