OR Winter Market 2017 Hot Shot Awards

OR Winter Market 2017 Hot Shot Awards | The American Outdoorsman

Trade shows can be overwhelming beasts. With so many products to see, people to meet, beers to drink and whiz-bang features to process, there’s a lot to take in. This year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market was no different. Fortunately, neither is my approach to doling out Best in Show awards. Following my decade-old tradition, I’ve waited to give out awards until several weeks after the show. In my experience, waiting to hand out awards gives my brain a chance to truly absorb the clothes and gear I saw. It lets me overcome the human tendency to be impressed by a good-looking booth. And it provides clarity about the products that still resonate with me weeks after seeing them for the first time. Field-testing may prove otherwise, but for one week in January, these products were true hot shots. So without further ado, I present the OR Winter Market 2017 Hot Shot Awards.