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Our History

Our History

It wasn’t too long ago that America was known as the great unknown, unconquered territory. A vast land, ready to reveal its secrets to whoever entered, or pushed further. But it was a daunting task. This incredible land could not be explored, settled, harvested or even appreciated if not for one group: Outdoorsmen.

They were the ones blazing new trails, living off the land of this continent from ocean to ocean. While cities and towns may have risen in their wake, so too did a deep seeded love of the endless beauty of the American wilderness. One that inspired poets, romantics, and larger-than-life figures, like Teddy Roosevelt, who initiated policies to protect and safeguard the great outdoors and insure its sustainability.

In that spirit, The American Outdoorsman television show began in 1988, uncovering our country’s natural treasures for millions of viewers. Today, the nationally syndicated show continues to travel coast to coast, featuring hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure activities. Radio shows and podcasts also reach wide audiences. Through it all, The American Outdoorsman honors and promotes the conservation of our precious natural resources.

Today, outdoorsmen and women are taking appreciation of our land and waters to a whole new place. While inspired by the traditions of the past, they are forging their own trails. It’s not about the objective, it’s about the journey, and they seek out the latest technology and techniques to make it as meaningful as possible.

The American Outdoorsman is there for them every step of the way. We are committed to bringing people closer to the land we all love so much by providing them with the fit, functionality, style and performance they crave.

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